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About Us

Viva Mobile is an all-inclusive mobile network and insurance offering that truly meets your needs by combining Funeral Cover with a pre-paid mobile package, to give you a complete solution.

As a pre-paid customer, you will be able to load airtime, vouchers and convert your airtime to a data bundle. But best of all you will also receive Funeral Cover, from Viva Life, at no additional cost! You are covered from the time you activate your SIM and you can receive up to R50 000 Funeral Cover, the more you recharge.

But why do you need Funeral Cover?

The Viva Life Funeral Cover provides affordable and simple cover, giving you peace of mind that in the event of your death, your family or loved ones are protected against rising funeral costs.

What is Viva Life?

At Viva Life we understand that life is for living, without barriers or complications. This is why we offer you quick and easy-to-manage Insurance. Our affordable cover, with immediate benefits mean that you can spend time doing the things you enjoy while having peace of mind that we will take care of you. To read more click here.

What We Offer

The Viva Mobile offering is a SIM-only deal. You will receive a SIM card. You then need to complete the quick RICA process and will then be able to use your SIM card immediately.

Remember to use Cell C vouchers to recharge and easily purchase talk time.  You can also choose to convert airtime to data bundles via USSD (*140#).

We make getting connected that simple!

How to Recharge?

Recharge easily using Cell C airtime vouchers.
Convert airtime into data easily via USSD *140#.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my balance

Dial *140# Select Option 1.

How do I Port my number?

Customers can contact customer care on 140 or use the USSD functionality *140# Select Option 3.

How do I process a Sim Swap

Customers needs to contact customer care to process a sim swap.

How do I make International calls?

This service is automatically provisioned on all subscribers.

How do I get GPRS/MMS settings

Customers needs to do a manual network selection on their device under network settings, or call customer care for assistance.

How do I send a please call me?

Dial *111*cellnumber#

How do I load data bundles?

Customers needs to convert airtime to data dialling *140# Select Option 2.

How do I check my voicemails

Dial 144

How do I find out my mobile number?

Simply dial *177177# and your number will be sent to you.

How to Recharge?

Recharge easily using Cell C airtime vouchers. Convert airtime into data easily via USSD *140#.

Commencement of cover and duration of the Viva Mobile Life Policy

Your cover commences the month following the month that you have recharged with R50 or more on your Viva Mobile number.

Adding a beneficiary

You can add a beneficiary to your policy by calling our Viva Life customer services team on 086 100 VIVA (8482).

Claims Procedure

In the event of your death, your beneficiary will need to contact the Viva Life customer service team on 086 100 VIVA (8482) or email us at We will explain the claims process, provide all the necessary information and request all the relevant documents so that we can assess the claim as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Important time limit on claims

Claims must be submitted to Viva Life in writing within 3 (three) months after the occurrence of the death of the policyholder by either emailing Viva Life at or calling 086 100 VIVA (8482).

Viva Life will not pay or be liable for a claim unless the nominated beneficiary or the claimant provides the necessary documentation within 6 (six) months from the date of the occurrence of the death.

Any problems or issues?

If you have any issues or questions about your cover, feel free to email us on or call the Viva Life customer care team on 086 100 VIVA (8482).

What are our rates?

Rates Pre-Paid Bundle Price
Voice R 0.99 per minute 15MB R 10.00
SMS R 0.60 30MB R 12.00
MMS R 0.70 100MB R 25.00
Data R 0.99 per MB 200MB R 50.00
300MB R 75.00
500MB R 125.00
1GB R 150.00
2GB R 250.00

How the Funeral Cover works

Your Recharges Funeral Cover you qualify for:
R0.00 to R49.99 R2 500.00
R50.00 to R74.99 R5 000.00
R75.00 to R99.99 R7 500.00
R100.00 to R124.99 R10 000.00
R125.00 to R149.99 R12 500.00
R150.00 to R174.99 R15 000.00
R175.00 to R199.99 R17 500.00
R200.00 to R224.99 R20 000.00
R225.00 to R249.99 R22 500.00
R250.00 to R274.99 R25 000.00
R275.00 to R299.99 R27 500.00
R300.00 to R324.99 R30 000.00
R325.00 to R349.99 R32 500.00
R350.00 to R374.99 R35 000.00
R375.00 to R399.99 R37 500.00
R400.00 to R424.99 R40 000.00
R425.00 to R449.99 R42 500.00
R450.00 to R474.99 R45 000.00
R475.00 to R499.99 R47 500.00
R500.00 to R524.99 R50 000.00

You will receive R2500 Funeral Cover just for connecting your SIM card!

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. Here are the details to help you get in touch with us. 140 from your Viva Mobile SIM

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